Improved Clinical Training with Standard Touch®

As a clinical trainer, you need an accurate way to communicate pressure to your learners. How firm, soft or light is perceived by each learner is very different. Use Standard Touch® to describe pressure in measurements like grams and pounds, instead of words like light and firm, to explain techniques in your program. Ensure accurate and quick understanding of pressure when teaching learners new skills. 

Educational Technology for the Health Sciences

This patented task trainer measures and reports the pressure of hands-on skills for practice and verification purposes with a focus on patient safety. Pressure feedback allows learners to use deliberate practice for skill mastery.

How to Use Standard Touch®

First, faculty uses Standard Touch® to set pressure guidelines for skills in their curriculum. Second, students use Standard Touch® to practice skills with set pressure guidelines which can be mastered and verified from anywhere.

Invented by a clinician for clinicians.

Programs Using Standard Touch

Continuing Education Workshops

Learn about pressure perception of patients and clinicians and how to overcome variability in clinical training and health interventions. Virtual classes available now.

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Participants can investigate the use of assessment and rehabilitation treatment methods for common impairments after mastectomy or breast conserving therapy. 

Participants rent Standard Touch® for the period of the sessions to develop safe and effective touch skills, to ensure remote learning of both assessment and treatment methods are achieved. Virtual classes available now. 

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Pressure Awareness Surveys

Free Pressure Awareness Survey for Your Organization

Learn what instructors and learners think about pressure to get a deeper understanding of pressure when teaching hands-on skills.

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Rehabilitation Instructor Pressure Awareness Survey

This survey is for rehabilitation instructors to get a deeper understanding of pressure when teaching rehabilitation therapies. 

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Massage Therapy Instructor Pressure Awareness Survey

This survey is for massage instructors to get a deeper understanding of pressure when teaching massage therapy. 

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Empowering Clinicians with Standard Touch


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